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Singer: Alan walker

Tempo: 170 BPM

Scale: E minor


[Em] We're not [D] alone

[C] We share no [G] stories [D]

[Em] Just something [D] in your [C] eyes

[Em] Don't be [D] afraid

[C] The shadows [G] know me [D]

[Em] Let's leave the [D] world be [C] hind

[Em] Take me [G] through the night

Fall [C] into the [D] darkside

[Em] We don't [G] need the light

We'll [C] live on the [D] darkside

[Em] I see it, [G] let's feel it

[C] While we're still [D] young and fearless

[Em] Let go [G] of the light

Fall [C] into the [D] darkside [Em] .. [G]

Fall [C] into the [D] darkside [Em] .. [G]

Give [C] into the [D] darkside [Em] .. [G] .. [C] .. [D]

[Em] Let go [G] of the light

Fall [C] into the [D] darkside [Em]

Beneath the [D] sky

[C] It's black as [G] diamonds [D]

[Em] We're running [D] out of [C] time

[Em] Don't wait for [D] truth

[C] To come and [G] blind us [D]

[Em] Let's just [D] believe the [C] lies [G] .. [D]

[Em] Believe it, [D] I see it

[C] I know that [G] you can [D] feel it

[Em] No secrets [D] worth keeping

[C] So fool me like I'm dreaming


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